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DUE TO SHORTAGES OF ADDERALL please contact your pharmacy to confirm they have your current dose in stock.

If your pharmacy does not have your prescribed dose you can ask:

  - Can they check other locations availability

  - Are there alternate forms available (example: instead of 20 mg tablets do they have 10 mg tablets)

  - You can call to check other pharmacies for availability

Day Supply

If a Prior Authorization is required to refill your prescription you need to be sure we have your current Insurance and Prescription benefit information. 

To expedite the process you can attach a picture of your insurance card to this refill request.

FRONT of card
BACK of card

You have successfully submitted your refill request!- Please allow 24 to 72 Business Hours for Prescription Refills -Once your provider has sent your prescription to the pharmacy you will receive a text message from our office.

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